new waves

Ellie Huo
1 min readMar 14, 2022

today, i saw the ocean and its waves

and i didn’t want it to take me away as i previously had every time i saw the ocean for the past year

my brain wasn’t flooded with the giant waves of lifeless thoughts

but swept with peace as the new waves washed in

instead of only looking into the horizon of the ocean

where i would often see myself being taken away by the waves and drowning seemed peaceful

today, i also looked up and saw the numerous stars

that God used to paint His promise to Abraham thousands of years ago

the infinite stars like the infinite promises that God has made, is making and keeps including His promise of healing me as He continues to save me

the stars that i sometimes forgot about but are there and have been there watching on me

the wanting to drown me and the rediscovering life me